Welcome! This page covers some of the questions we’re often asked. If you have a question not list in our FAQs, please contact us.

What are your open hours?
We are open every day excluding major federally recognized holidays (New Year’s Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Our hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm EST
Friday: 8am – 5pm EST
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm EST

Some companies are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Why do you close on holidays and early on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?
We value our sales and support staff and understand they have lives and families that extend beyond the workplace. We believe when one’s staff feels appreciated and valued, they will work better and be more productive. They will be happy with their duties and their satisfaction will transfer to our customers—to you.

How does this service work?
It depends on what type of service you seek. However, the first step is to complete the free quote request. Please be as detailed as possible when completing the form as this helps ensure we can provide an accurate quote. When we receive the order, we will consult with the writers/editors. If there are questions, we will ask before quoting. We will also only quote orders we can successfully fulfill. We are not too proud to let you know if we cannot help with a specific project. We would rather not proceed with an order than to give you less than the very best quality and service!

We send quotes via PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or you can use a debit/credit card. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay an invoice generated through PayPal. Once your payment is received, the project will be assigned to the respective writer/editor and the work will begin. The completed order will be emailed to you on or before the selected deadline you set when placing the order.

What types of custom writing do you provide?
We can cover virtually any subject or need. All projects are written in American or British English, depending on the customer’s specific needs. We accept orders for original research and term papers and essays (undergraduate, graduate, MBA, nursing, etc.), personal statements, scholarship essays, expository, book reports, executive summaries, abstracts, article and book reviews (fiction and nonfiction), theses, doctoral proposals and dissertations, speeches, poetry, plays, and more.  We also fill orders for business projects such as proposals, business plans, grant proposals, ad and web copy, blog posts, and articles to name a few. We can help with legal projects as well. We also accept orders for PowerPoint presentations whether for individual, academic, or business needs.

Our writers and editors use a variety of software programs including, but not limited to, MS Office products, Adobe’s products, SPSS, and others.

We cover many projects not listed on this page, so feel free to contact us about your current and future needs.

What are your qualifications?
We have been tutoring and mentoring students and entrepreneurs for 20 years. Our writers and editors hold a variety of degrees (Masters, PhD, JD), some holding dual degrees. Collectively, the academic and creative team is comprised of graduates, educators, and business professionals whose education and experience make them a valuable asset to the Professional Topics team. Many on our team have been published in academic journals and some are published authors of books and various media publications.

Do you provide free samples?
The nature of our services make it impossible to provide free samples as this would violate the privacy of other clients—a practice we take seriously. We would never share your project with others—even as a sample of our work.

How do I know you are legitimate?
We have been worked in the industry for 20 years as tutors and mentors. Our decision to merge into academic writing, research, and editing was born from the realization that not every student or business person is a writer. Having help is wise, even if one does write well. Two—or three—sets of eyes is always better than one! Further, we do not store or resell our model projects.

Why do clients seek your services?
The answer is vast, but essentially our customers are overloaded with projects. Many have families and full time jobs on top of full course loads. In addition, the current structure of colleges and universities has shifted where the focus is not pointed toward educating the individual student. Sadly, many educators in today’s higher education field fail to adequately “teach” the student; instead, they “talk” to a group of faces where there is little to no interaction in a meaningful or progressive way. The result? The student is left confused. In fact, high drop-out rates and the increasing concerns over depression (9.5% -31.3% of college students suffer from depression [1]) among college students is linked to the stressors of course loads, not enough time, and little (if any) educator assistance, leaving the student to feel inadequate. We bridge the gap. Our goal is for YOU to succeed!

Do you outsource projects to non-English speaking writers or editors?
No. We take our team’s credentials seriously. We vet all applicants carefully.

What if my writer or editor makes a mistake? What about revisions?
While it’s rare, we are all human and an occasional mistake is possible. If you find an error, let us know. We will make it right. Period. If you find a revision is needed, let us know. If an error is made, we will revise the project for free (limited to 2 free revisions, noted on a case-by-case basis).

Why don’t you list prices like other companies?
We review every order to ensure the instructions are clear. We also carefully place your order with the right qualified writer or editor, who prices projects based on the work involved. These are things no automated system can (or should) do.

Do you handle rush requests?
We do. However, the more time you can allow the writer or editor the better. If you are unsure that we can meet a tight deadline, ask us. You might be surprised what our team can do in a short amount of time.

What payment methods do you accept?
We invoice via PayPal and accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards. We also accept payments via Western Union. When paying with a credit/debit card, your statement will reflect PROFTOPICS. We use the latest encryption technology for your protection. We do not store your financial information, nor do we store or resell your personal information.

I am concerned about plagiarism. What protection to do you offer?
We do not tolerate plagiarism at all. All custom writing is 100% original. As noted previously, we carefully vet the writers and editors with whom we work. We only work with the best in their respective fields—those with a stellar reputation for meeting deadlines and providing the highest quality original work.

Will you store, reuse, or resell the work you do for me?
No. Never.

I am located outside the United States. Can you help me?
Yes, we can help customer in virtually every country and region.

What if a writer or editor fails to meet my deadline?
While rare, emergencies happen and some things out of our control occur (i.e. internet failure, etc.). We strive to meet every deadline, but things do happen on occasion. We would be dishonest to say it will never happen. Because we cannot predict unforeseen events, we cannot refund based on a missed deadline, unless, of course, the project was severely late (this has never happened with us). What we will do is review the circumstances and the original deadline and the date and time you were sent the completed project and determine what should be done (i.e. future credit, etc.).

I am a professional writer/editor. How do I apply?
Our writers and editors work on a contract basis. You can apply quickly using our online application form.

[1] Bohon, Lisa M., Kelly A. Cotter, Richard L. Kravitz, Philip C. Cello Jr, and Erik Fernandez y Garcia. “The theory of planned behavior as it predicts potential intention to seek mental health services for depression among college students.” Journal of American college health (2016): 1-10.