Dissertation issues and when to use an outside editor

So you’ve written your dissertation and felt danged great about it only to receive a long list of issues from your chair or committee. Now what?

There are two things you can do.

  1. You can work to make the corrections, changes, and additions yourself and pray the next meeting yields better results.
  2. You can engage an outside editor to assist with the comments you received.

Why use an outside editor?


First, you can’t use just any outside editor. It’s important that the editor is experience in both writing and editing dissertations and in the subject matter related to your project. Otherwise, you will be wasting time and money.

Now, the benefits of using an experience dissertation writer or editor are vast but the most common is they know how to read between the lines—in most cases—and have a better understanding of what committees expect to see when their comments are addressed.

If you decide to make the changes yourself, you want to be sure to address every single comment your chair or committee provided. Don’t skip simply because you do not agree with a comment. In fact, if you feel strongly about a specific comment or have questions about a comment, it would be better to attempt an arranged meeting to discuss those comments before deciding to pass on making the change.

A professional dissertation writer or editor is familiar with comments that are vague and can often incorporate changes or additions without the need for an interim meeting. They have experience not only with their own dissertation process but with helping others successfully complete their dissertations as well.

Whatever you decide, remember, the committee’s comments and recommendations are vital to reaching this milestone in your academic career and future. Not all chairs or committees view a dissertation the same. In fact, some may want to see one thing while another chair or committee member want to see something different. It’s important to remember that their feedback is what matters as they are the ones who approve or deny your work.

It’s not always easy to hear—much less to address—criticism of one’s hard work. However, it is part of the dissertation process and shouldn’t be taken as an insult. Shrug off the negative vibes and push forward. The reward of reaching the defense stage and ultimate degree is worth it!